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Multiple Affiliate Programs

Add products from 11 affiliate programs, giving you access to millions of products to choose from.

Flexible Rules System

Define rules to grab products from each affiliate program - you can set keywords, limits, categories and other supported filters.

Automatic Updates

The Mall will update itself ensuring you only have the products which are available, up-to-date prices and new arrivals - without your interaction.

Sophisticated Scheduling Algo

To protect you from being banned by Search Engines for "growing too fast" The Mall will spread your updates over time showing a natural growth of the site.

Auto Tagging

Semantic Analysis algo used in The Mall will extract "tags" from the product title and description and add them as the post tags allowing Wordpress install to build the tag cloud and links.

No Conflicts

The Mall plugin will work with any other plugins and themes you have - while still allowing you to customize the look of the post with the product.

About Us

Two Clicks Mall is developed and supported by "two enough" - a very small indie company. We devote ourselves to making easy to use and greatly performing plugins and tools for professional and amateur online marketers. Visit our website to learn how we can help you to earn more money online!


We understand the importance of the personal contact in the faceless software world. All our customers are supported 24/7 via email!